Green New Deal Costs to Households; Gun Law Proposals; Identity Politics 8.8.19

  • Kent Lassman: How much would the Green New Deal cost as it’s being proposed by political candidates?; experts calculate increased costs for electricity, vehicle upgrades and housing in the first year alone; know the facts about political proposals.
  • Professional analysts still can’t get their arms around Green New Deal which is not so much a policy program as it is an aspirational statement.
  • Ed Morrissey: Gun law proposals in politics & government, what’s possible at the federal, state level and what’s constitutional; legislating ‘preferred pronouns’ and the ‘pronoun revolution’ in schools, media, academia; NY Times fair headline quickly changed after pressured from political left; Catholics and news media, social media.
  • Progressive members of House and Democratic party engaging in identity politics within Democratic coalition. Venezuela latest example of dramatic problems related to socialism.