Is it ever moral to drop the nuclear bomb?

  • Hour 3 of 8-6-19
  • Dr. Geoffrey Show covers some of the international news, including reports that Iran has “unveiled new missiles.” How will this pose as a threat to the US, and how will the president respond? Also, President Trump has vowed to pull troops out of Afghanistan, putting an end to the US having men stationed in that area for decades. Some Democrats like Rep Tulsi Gabbard have also called for troops to return home.
  • Msgr Stuart Swetland discusses with Drew and callers whether it was moral to drop a bomb on Hiroshima. This helped the US and allies win the war against the Japanese, but was it warranted? Msgr says that it is better to have to go through suffering than inflict evil on others, and he also argues that the US could have won the war even if they didn’t drop the bomb. The reality is, so many innocent civilians were killed, and we need to also view this as a pro-life issue.