Material, Spiritual, Religious and Political World 8.2.19

  • Fr. John Bartunek: ‘Spiritual but not Religious’; the search for meaning in a material world; why ‘spirituality’ attracts, why religion doesn’t, even to the restless seekers.
  • Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t want to be spiritual? Every transcendent experience will lead you to spirituality. Every religion is the “same” in their attempt to answer deep questions; all answer, but they don’t all give same answer.
  • Michael New: Joe Biden’s debate comments on the Hyde Amendment made no sense; what the Hyde Amendment is and its real impact.
  • When it comes to sanctity of life, there’s a lot of agreement; when it comes to the public paying for abortions there’s a lot of disagreement. A lot of people don’t think the pro life movement has been effective but there are some 2 million people alive today because of the Hyde Amendment.