Meeting the Threats to Dignity, Sanctity of Life 8.26.19

  • Terry Beatley: Former abortionist Bernard Nathanson’s legacy: mission to reveal lies NARAL and abortion movement were founded on, convert Americans; out of 8 point strategy, the “Catholic Strategy” was most important, but can now be used in reverse to overturn abortion laws, make it unacceptable. 
  • American Catholics must show we want a pro life America.
  • Joseph Meaney: New National Catholic Bioethics Center President defending against life-degrading “science fictions” that are becoming reality; plans to lead ‘a difficult and fast-paced battle against an encroaching “culture of death”
  • Infertility is a huge suffering; medical community emphasizes in vitro as a solution which is so incredibly against the dignity of the human person as over 90% of these little embryos/persons die. Children conceived in ivf deserve dignity.