NY state to impose oversight on Catholic schools

  • Hour 1 of 8-28-19
  • Do you hate flying? You might start hating it more. Starting in Oct of 2020, you will be requred to have a REAL ID in order to get through TSA in the airport. This is in connection with the REAL ID act which was imposed after Sept. 11th. So this means you will need to take a trip to the DMV. Mark Howell gives you the details.
  • Have you been caught by a red light camera? One man has, and it became a big constitutional fiasco. His name is Adam Macleod, and joins Drew to talk about what took place. He protested the ticket he got and it actually got him somewhere! You can read his piece here.
  • In NY, public schools may begin to exert control over private and Catholic schools. Doesn’t this seem to defeat the purpose of sending your kid to a Catholic school? This could raise some alarms and turn out to be a religious freedom problem in the future. Could it go through? Jim Cultrara gives the fuller context.