Republicans running for president against President Trump

  • Hour 1 of 8-26-19
  • Former Congressman Joe Walsh has said he is going to challenge President Trump. He says he is “unfit” and not qualified to be president. Do you agree? Maybe you disagree and wish he and others would not jump into the primary race. Salena Zito gives perspective on how they will do and whether public support for President Trump is still high.
  • Dr. Matthew Franck on whether Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will step down. It was revealed recently that her cancer was being treated again, and she claims she is still healthy to remain on the highest court. But how long will she last? Will a new Supreme Court justice seat open up in the next few years? Many have their eyes on Amy Barrett, a pro-life Catholic who might be on the one to take the place of RBG. Regardless, let’s pray for Justice Ginsburg’s conversion, and not for her death.