Satan is real

  • Hour 1 of 8-22-19
  • Many try to convince others that Satan isn’t real. Sadly, even many Catholics think that the devil is just a symbol for evil. But the reality is that he exists, and is trying at every moment to tear us away from God. What can we do to keep ourselves protected? Father Michael Maginot offers insight on what he has seen as an exorcist.
  • A review of Relevant Radio’s impact, and how it continues to touch lives through your donations. We were able to play an instrumental role in striking down the Confession bill in California, which would have forced priests to violate their conscience and break the seal of confession. Because of your courageous response, this did not pass through the legislature. We continue to rely on your support and action, and need your gift in order to stay on the air and report on these important events. (877) 291-0123.