SB24 California College Abortion Pill Mandate; Better Way to Serve Women, Children, Families; Building Life Culture 8.23.19

  • Tony Sands, Right to Life League of Southern California: Legislation in California (SB24) seeking to make abortion pills available on campuses of California State Universities and Universities of California; initial and ongoing funding exclusively earmarked for abortion.
  • Gov Jerry Brown vetoed original abortion pill legislation over concerns of long term liability; access to abortion already near many CA State and UC campuses. California Pro Life groups provide prenatal medical assistance, housing for women and children in need, counseling and ongoing support for crisis pregnancies.
  • Kristan Hawkins, Students for Life: Even CA State Finance Department opposes SB24; university health care centers are no place for urgent care risks associated with RU486 abortion pill abortions. These laws are putting access to abortion above all else.
  • Shockingly, there are some Catholic college campuses promoting Planned Parenthood. Since the election of President Donald Trump we’ve seen a ramping up of supression of free speech; left has become unhinged on abortion issue. Students for Life plans “back to college” webcast shortly after Labor Day to prepare pro life students to face abortion ideology.