Should Christians be pandered to from politicians?

  • Hour 3 of 8-13-19
  • Brian Burch from Catholic Vote stops by to talk about Democratic candidates like Mayor Pete who are quoting Scripture at the debates, and seemingly trying to cater to Catholics and Evangelicals. Will this work, and actually defeat President Trump? Many are upset at Mayor Pete for cherry picking verses that reflect progressive politics, but disregarding the verses that denounce homosexuality and abortion. It gives off a sense that he is simply trying to virtue signal and not truly take the faith seriously. VP Mike Pence has said that we need to spend more time praying than on the internet, but sadly he is blasted by people like Mayor Pete and called hypocritical because of his traditional views on marriage and failure to act on immigration. There is clearly a divide and a split within parties, faiths, and factions, and we need to pray for discernment and for our nation to turn back to God.
  • A fencer took a knee during the anthem at an international competition. Race Imboden is protesting the current administration, but is this really the right time and right place? Drew argues that it is wrong to protest and disrespect the flag when so many people have given their lives in service of the country. He says that this is especially wrong when athletes are travelling internationally. It’s time we respect our nation again, and learn to keep our opinions to ourselves when it’s inappropriate to do otherwise.