The Patrick Madrid Show: August 1, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Burger King is coming out with a meatless whopper
  • Caller: Linda asks about a retreat called “Light in the Desert Via de Christo”
  • Caller: Theresa is confused why her priest preached about women being priests. Why do people think this is okay?
  • Caller: Mike asks how to make sense of the Old Testament instruction from God to kill women and children
  • Caller: Ann explains her understanding of the Old Testament as typology and how men who were sacrificed to be priests were virgins
  • Caller: Norma’s brother sent her a video explaining being born again
  • Caller: Krista reminds listeners conflicted about women in the priesthood that a priest is a servant to the faithful. Of course we respect them, but they have a call to serve