The Patrick Madrid Show: August 14, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Jim is concerned about figuring out God’s will for him because his choices affect his family financially. How can he go about it the right way?
  • Caller: Anne Marie shares encouragement for Anna from Hour 2. She abstained from marital relations for 3 years while she was sick and it blessed their marriage
  • Caller: Nolan asks the difference between the offertory prayers at the Latin Mass versus the Novus Ordo
  • Caller: Nick is a physician and recommends Anna from hour 2 get a second opinion. He shares his personal experience being married and abstinent for 3 years
  • Caller: Mohammed, a Muslim, asks Patrick to explain original sin and why it would be wrong to abort an unborn child if they have the stain of sin and are therefore, “sinners”
  • Caller: Pino asks about a shrine in Illinois dedicated to Purgatory
  • Caller: Barbara asks about “The City of God” by St. Augustine
  • Caller: Esther asks for clarification on the Church’s teaching on whether deceased unborn babies go straight to Heaven