The Patrick Madrid Show: August 2, 2019 – Hour 1

  • Listener email: Emily asks if Patrick ever gets discouraged from all the heavy questions and topics he gets while hosting the show
  • Listener email: Francisco asks if the Catholic Church prohibits the shooting of pigeons, using a Bibi gun. He has a lot that bother him in his backyard
  • Caller: Wendy asks a question about fasting from meat on Friday in Lent
  • Caller: Mary Anne asks about end of life issues in reference to Mark’s call from Wednesday’s show
  • Caller: Kathy says pigeon droppings carry disease. Patrick recommends Tobit 2:9
  • Caller: Greg is Eastern Orthodox Armenian Catholic; his wife is Roman Catholic. The priest told him he could receive the sacraments but can his wife receive sacraments at his?
  • Caller: Monica asks about the ethics of how she cared for her husband who passed away 2 years ago