The Patrick Madrid Show: August 2, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Patrick reads an excerpt on organ donation (Section 45) from “Life Issues Medical Choices”
  • Caller: Margarette is a nurse and explains that sometimes giving a patient food or water would not be good for them
  • Caller: Lucy’s friend wants to divorce her husband and live chastely. Would that be okay? Patrick explains how it would devastate their children forever
  • Caller: Tim asks about certain contradictions found in Scripture
  • Caller: Sarah stayed in her marriage for her children while her husband gambled away all they owned. After he died it took her 10 years to understand
  • Caller’s friend is fighting porn addiction and making progress but all the resources he’s used are by protestants. Is there a Catholic resource she could give him?
  • Caller: Jason asks about end of life care and if it should be done by professionals or family. In his experience, the family dynamic made it more complicated