The Patrick Madrid Show: August 27, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Louie asks what Scripture is referring to where it says, “Jesus’ half brother.” Patrick explains there was another Mary who was a relative of the Blessed Mother
  • Caller: Karen in NJ was listening to Morning Air and asks a follow up question to a caller who discussed her farm. Is it okay for a Catholic to sell sheep to a Muslim, knowing it could be used as a ritual sacrifice?
  • Caller: Mike in CA asks for clarification on the Holy Trinity
  • Caller: Mary in CA asks for advice on how to deal with her narcissistic husband who blames her for everything, never apologizes, swears at her in public, flirts with other women, etc.
  • Caller: Alejandra in CA has anxiety and was advised to try meditating on Scripture and let it speak to her. Is that okay or is that considered independently interpreting the Bible?