The Patrick Madrid Show: August 28, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Air Force officer accuses astronaut ex-partner of hacking into her bank account from space
  • Caller has heard of Retrouvaille for married couples struggling and asks for details
  • Caller: Julie in CA has a friend who is getting married and they asked her daughter to be the flower girl. She is confused about what is appropriate because they are not religious. Patrick explains that marriage is a natural good in and of itself even if they aren’t Catholic
  • Caller: Richard in CA is confused about the prophecy that the sun will go out for 3 days
  • Patrick describes the difference between our conscience telling us what to do versus what our hearts or our feelings tell us what to do. Usually, the harder thing is the right thing
  • Thomas asks the difference between confessionalism and integralism
  • Caller: Mary in KY asks about plants having souls
  • Caller: Mike in MN asks about praying to the saints to help him get back together with his ex-wife
  • Caller: Ernie in CA asks about enduring temporal punishment and how it relates to gaining merit. He also asks if Jesus distributes different degrees of grace to different people. Did the saints have extra grace to carry out their heroic acts? Did they earn it?