The Patrick Madrid Show: August 29, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Caller: Mary in NJ asks what it means to “desecrate” church property. She also asks further details on the Diocese of Seattle case with Robert Fuller
  • Caller: Caller: John in NM says that we as Catholics have to do better at practicing everything the church teaches because we are a universal Church
  • Caller: Vinny in NJ asks if one is still absolved from sin in confession if the priest doesn’t say the full Father of Mercies prayer
  • Caller: Matt in CA says people have lost perspective that sex is about love. They have no sense of self respect or self control
  • Caller: Leah in FL asks for advice on the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts at her child’s school
  • Caller: Sylvia in TX asks if there is any circumstance where a person in mortal sin can receive the Eucharist. Her friend was refused absolution in confession because the priest knew she lived with her boyfriend…
  • Listener email: Arlene thanks Patrick for his show because she often hears something that relates to her life. She shares a miracle story from praying the St. Joseph novena
  • Caller: Kim in CA asks if breaking any of the 10 Commandments are mortal sins or if the only mortal sin is denouncing God. She also asks if there is a new rule forbidding flowers on the altar because her pastor wouldn’t let her order any for her mother’s funeral