The Patrick Madrid Show: August 5, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Caller: John thinks we need to educate people on the devil and demonic possession. He supports the 2nd Amendment and would have a hard time giving up his guns
  • Caller: Mike wonders if all the additives in the food we’re eating is affecting our brain function, anxiety, mental health, homosexual tendencies, etc.
  • Caller: Joseph calls back to tell Patrick that he went back to confession for his mortal sins that he previously withheld. He finally gets it, and is changing his life from here on out
  • Caller: Julia says we are fascinated or horrified by these shootings, but then move on, just as we consume entertainment that causes emotions in us, but no action follows
  • Caller: Peggy says we need to pray for the shooters committing the crimes