The Patrick Madrid Show: August 7, 2019 – Hour 1

  • Caller: Marco asks if it’s true that animals or our pets don’t go to Heaven, then why is there a patron saint of dogs?
  • Caller: Nabil says that Jesus is Heaven. He thinks wherever the 7 sacraments are Jesus is present there. Patrick explains it’s a semantic issue and that Heaven is a place.
  • Caller: Madeline asks about reincarnation in the Bible. She also notes from yesterday’s discussion that we are not called by God to obey everything the gov’t demands
  • Listener email: John asks what Patrick thinks is morally worse: shooting someone with a gun or committing abortion
  • Caller: Douglas asks about self defense and a robber coming to one’s house
  • Caller: Rosalie asks about illegal immigration and how the Church approaches it
  • Caller: Bryan is concerned about all the various and well known devotions around the world and asks Patrick’s opinion on when “catholic folk piety” becomes idolatry.