The Patrick Madrid Show: August 7, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Listener email: Michael was a police officer and thinks it’s too bad that police officers and priests alike are painted in a bad light because of the sin or scandal of a few
  • Listener email: Jack asks if he should attend a remarriage for a family member or not. He doesn’t want to turn her away by being too harsh, but wants to do what is right
  • Caller: Ann is in a debate with someone on abortion and she asks for advice
  • Caller: David asks about uniting our suffering to Christ’s
  • Caller: Joe wants to pump the breaks on blaming violent video games for violence in society. We are trying too hard to blame something. There is a deeper issue.
  • Caller: Peter has seen numerous studies that say there is indeed a correlation between violent video games and criminals
  • Caller: Kathleen asks about a picture she was given of the sacred heart of Jesus and Divine Mercy and she sees writing appeared on it. Was this from a mystic?
  • Caller: Lettie asks about attending the Burning Man event in Nevada