The Patrick Madrid Show: August 8, 2019 – Hour 1

  • Caller: Victor asks if when we consume the Holy Eucharist, which we believe is Jesus’ body and blood, do we become part of Jesus?
  • Stabbing and robbery spree leaves 4 dead and 2 wounded in Southern California
  • Caller: Douglas asks how much the law is fulfilled in Romans 7:6
  • Caller: Richard asks about the crucifixion and a scientific theory that the sun went dark for 3 hours while the earth quaked
  • Caller: Pat asks at what point is it appropriate to fight against death or brainwashing rather that give oneself as a martyr? Patrick discusses the “just war theory”
  • Caller: Josue brings up the story of Clive Bundy into the 2nd Amendment debate. He was a cattle rancher and banded together with others to stand up to the gov’t
  • ‘Largest pedophile ring on earth’: abuse lawyers make first case against The Boy Scouts