The Patrick Madrid Show: August 9, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Why our children don’t think there are moral facts
  • Caller: Kim’s son asks why God would create someone like Hitler? Is life a test?
  • Caller: John thinks if the gov’t came to confiscate guns there would be a civil war
  • Caller: Pat is hearing Patrick’s opinion differently today than on a previous show re: the 2nd amendment. If that is taken away, they will come for freedom of religion next
  • Caller: John says Patrick needs to draw a strong line and stand his ground with the gun issue.
  • Caller: Kate shares for caller Kim that she would tell her kids God doesn’t create bad adults like Hitler, he creates innocent little babies and then they make choices.
  • Caller: Dawn says that taking away guns will not stop the shootings. Criminals don’t listen to laws. Chaos will prevail. We’ve lost common sense, she says.