• Hour 1 of 8-1-19
  • Samuel Gregg- ADF attorneys filed suit against Ann Arbor for law that violates First Amendment freedoms under guise of stopping discrimination. He explains how some are being forced to work for liberal causes against their will, such as spending their time helping Planned Parenthood.
  • Dr. Charles Bentz – Is vaping safe at all? It is considered an alternative to cigarettes, but is it actually healthy? Dr. Charles Bentz explains that there are still many unhealthy and unsafe chemicals, and it also includes more nicotine than a package of cigarettes. It is certainly not safe, but can be a way of helping to quit smoking, he says.  The problem is that there are so many young people who have never smoked who are picking up vaping; 20 percent of young people in high school are currently picking up this habit. He gives advice on how to quit and overcome nicotine addiction.