Anniversary of Archbishop Sheen’s ordination

  • Hour 3 of 9-19-19
  • Peter Grandich gives a forecast for the markets. With an increase of debt because of too much federal spending, he shares his concern about where the economy could continue to be headed. He agrees that it may be too early to say that the presidential elections are having any sort of impact on the economy as of yet. He also discusses the NFL, state of football in America, and his relationships with players like Eli Manning. He is asked whether soccer will increase in popularity in the US, and whether organizations like Catholic Athletes for Christ are continuing to gain momentum.
  • Tomorrow is the 100th anniversary of Bishop Sheen’s ordination. Fr. Nicholas Federspiel shares a great story of how one of his own family members was impacted by his legacy. He shares how amazing it was that millions of people would gather to watch Bishop Sheen on prime time television. He would be standing in front of a chalkboard with a statue of Mary, a pretty simple setup! But he had amazing gifts of being able to communicate well, and Father says we should all pray for that grace to share the faith effectively.
  • Timmerie Geagea reports on California’s bill that would put abortion pills on college campuses in the state. This would be an attack on women’s dignity and only hurt people more. Timmerie explains how the movie Unplanned showed how devastating it is for women to take abortion pills, which results in blood clots and isolation from others. She urges you to ask Gov. Newsom not to allow this, as he has already once vetoed this bill. You can sign a petition here.