Area 51, Family & Coppenhagen’s Human Library, Robotic Priests, Arguing without Truth 9.20.19

  • Phenomenon of “group-think” and the rapid mobilization behind the on-line remark to “meet on 9/20/19 to storm Area 51.” Family is the core of our faith; we desire  community. Why is it easier to find “family” in superficial things?
  • The family unit calls us to deeper relationships. The Fourth Commandment (honor your father and mother) illuminates other relationships in society. Do you love your neighbor as yourself?
  • Again with the robotic priests idea?! Franciscian sister re-proposes idea of using AI to replace Priests. Why do (you think) people want to replace the priesthood with robots? God calls the weak and simple to demonstrate his grace and power.
  • There’s nothing wrong with solid argumentation as long as you arrive at the truth.