Big Abortion Aggressive in Legal Cases, Media Campaigns 9.26.19

  • Peter Breen: Thomas More Society legal defense of David Daleiden, updates; inside the courtrooms and behind the scenes in Daleiden case hearings; legal defense of IL doctor against extreme state law requiring OB/GYNs to inform pregnant patients of abortion options.
  • Evidence shows: babies were being harvested alive, fully intact with beating hearts. In the same week Kamala Harris lauded the undercover journalism efforts of animal rights activists; yet in league with Planned Parenthood…going full throttle after David Dalieden for his efforts to expose abuse of pre born human beings
  • Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie: ‘The abortion lobby’s frightening new goal’, viral campaign to push abortion pills to young girls, college students, women.
  • Chemical abortions and the dangers women need to know about taking these pills; abortion getting as dangerous as the ‘back alley’ days.