Big Tech, Politics, Abortion, CA SB24, Persistent Prayer Mission 9.10.19

  • Will Rinehart: Are technology and innovation getting ahead of privacy, fairness concerns?; Do tech giants like Facebook and Google pose a monopolistic threat to digital marketplace?; how concerned are you about data sharing? 
  • Cecilia Lerda joins the show: millennials and gen z have less hesitation surrendering information for access to technology.
  • Michael New: Pete Buttigieg says life begins at breath, cites the Bible; Tulsi Gabbard states opposition to most late term abortions; Democratic Party needs more pro-life leaders, give pro-life Democrats a choice.
  • David Carollo, World Apostolate of Fatima-Our Lady’s Blue Army team up to visit 21 California Missions in 21 days for the 250th anniversary of California Missions founding; prayer team visiting CA State Capitol to oppose SB24 on Sept 11th.