Civility in politics

  • Hour 3 of 9-2-19
  • A continued look at post-abortive healing with Vicki Thorn. She gives hope, compassion, and advice to women who have had abortion and regret their decision. One great organization helping women is Project Rachel. You can find our more here. Another great ministry is Rachel’s Vineyard.
  • HBO’s Bill Maher made some scathing remarks to David Koch, a conservative businessman who died last week. Maher said that he is glad he died and hopes the end was painful. Why have people become so vitriolic when it comes to politics and religion? What will it take to restore civility again into society, and cut down on all the dirty words we call each other? Dr. Stephen Krason offers his thoughts.
  • A  look at the correlation between breast cancer and inflammation. Do you struggle with inflammation or any painful health issues related to this? Dr. Joel Brind invented Sweetamine, which is designed to help people lessen their pain. It is not meant to be a one size fits all remedy, but Dr. Brind has seen many positive changes.