Dr. Peter Kreeft: Finding Answers to Bible Questions, Humor & Reverence 9.12.19

  • Dr. Peter Kreeft: ‘Probes’, taking a deep dive into the Gospel of John; 1,450 probing, provocative questions that guide those studying the Bible in a search of answers and meanings, and the truth of the historic Christian faith.
  • Mary as an “obstacle”: protestants struggle with Mary and once converted they wonder how they ever struggled.
  • Fr. Rich Simon: The Gospel of Luke is this year’s Mass Cycle readings for the Gospel, what do we learn from Luke?; what sets the Synoptic Gospels apart from the Gospel of John?; Scriptural passages on the Eucharist; Catholics, Protestants and the Bible (Jewish common reference through the Psalms).
  • Dour Catholics vs the Non-Crabby Women of Faith. Humor is important as it shows gentleness: Christ shows a touch of humor: puppies! Reverence and seriousness are not the same; reverence can have a smile.