(encore) SB360, Freedom of Religion, Moving, Injustice 7.9.19

  • Today is a special day Father Mathew has brother, Father Stephen Spencer in-studio. Father Stephen Spencer is moving to St. Joseph Marello Youth Retreat Center in Sacramento. Father thinks about transitions and moving.
  • Father talks about how we should be ready to move. We do need to be ready for God to move us.
  • Father talks about the California SB360. The bill has been delayed for about a year. One of the first reasons it was delayed it was due to freedom of religion. We are called to be involved in our government and share our opinions.
  • Father often times opens up the readings of the day and connects them with what is going on in the world. When we fall prey to sin and experience injustice, it is easy for us to respond with anger and frustration. Why is it so hard to respond with love?