Fighting Our Spiritual Battles

What’s the real battle we face today? It’s not left versus right, Republican versus Democrat. The real battle is between what is ungodly and what is of God. It’s a constant battle for our souls and to keep them on the path towards God.

What are some of the big spiritual battles that life throws at us? It usually not like it’s portrayed in the movies, with demonic possession and dramatic exorcisms. Often, it’s subtler. Perhaps we become caught in repetitive sin that’s hard to shake, or suffer a series of bad events that shakes our trust in God. “The avenue out of that kind of spiritual assault is to get under the shadow of his wing, is to get as close as we possibly can to him. I pray this every day: ‘Keep me as the apple of your eye. Hide me in the shadow of your wing. Mary cover me in your mantle.’ I pray that every day because that’s the only place I want to be,” said Fr. Rick Heilman, regular contributor to Morning Air.

Evil claims ‘freedom’, but as Catholics we should understand what true freedom is. Fr. Heilman spoke of the misguided ideals of the first Satanic Church that was started in San Francisco in 1966. “Required reading for the members was what’s called the Satanic Bible and the central theme for the Satanic Bible is: ‘Do what though wilt shall be the whole of the law.’ Do whatever you want—be a wild stallion, because that’s what true freedom is all about. But we understand, as we mature in our spiritual lives, that that’s not freedom at all! In fact, you become a victim almost of compulsions, of obsessions, of a need to fit in, of a need to acquire riches. … True freedom comes when we let go and let God.”

Spiritual warfare is a reality for all of us, but it can be difficult to understand why God allows us to go through these trials. “Hell is real and the devil is real, so we start from that premise. But God doesn’t want us separated; he doesn’t want us away from him at any point. But in order for us to have that willful act of love there has to be a choice to choose him or not. And so it’s coming to understand that life without God is filled with sorrow and emptiness and purposelessness,” explains Fr. Heilman.

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Amen!

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