Foul language used by politicians

  • Hour 1 of 9-12-19
  • The next Democratic debate is tonight, and all eyes are on former VP Joe Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren. She has started to get closer and closer to beating Biden in the polls, and they are now neck and neck. Could she become the next front runner and challenge President Trump for 2020? Only time will tell. Drew gets you up to date on the latest and plays analysis from CBS News and Washington Post.
  • Beto O’Rourke, a candidate for the Democrats, has been using some pretty strong language on the campaign trail. He told MSNBC that the real profane problems are what is happening to kids on the border and those getting shot. He obviously deflected there. Is he trying to get attention and pander to the way many Americans talk? Why do other politicians think it is acceptable to use the worst swear words so haphazardly? Dr. Tony Esolen says that he deducts IQ points for those who have to stoop to that level. He shares his thoughts and Drew takes calls.
  • The Seven Sorrows of Mary is explained by Steve Ray. We should ponder the immense sorrow and grief that Mary underwent in her earthly life and the sadness that continues today for souls away from Christ. It has become a common devotion for Catholics to reflect on this. You can read Steve’s insight on his blog posted here.
  • The Divine Mercy image reminds you of Jesus’ grace that He wants to pour out on you and your loved ones. Your trust in Him only increases the mercy Jesus desires to give. Jesus gave St. Faustina the image of mercy so that souls would be saved and brought to Him. What can you do to honor the image of Divine Mercy? Dave Maroney joins Drew to discuss this.