Go Ask Your Father September 11th – Forgiveness

Today we remember those who lost their lives 18 years ago in the horrific attacks of 9/11. In the midst of our sadness and anger, Jesus asks us to forgive. Father John Paul Erickson fills in for Msgr. Swetland today and reminds you to forgive those who committed these horrific acts 18 years ago.


Caller Question – What are the records of Jesus from age 12 to 30?

Caller Question – Is it possible for God to choose to not know something?

Caller Question – What ideas can Father Erickson give for teaching kerygma to 8 year olds?

Caller Question – Is it okay for ushers to consume the remaining blood of Christ after communion?

Caller Question – Is it okay for her to voice her concern about CCD classes to her parish priest?

Caller Question – What is a schism? Do Catholics think they are the only ones going to heaven?

Caller Question – Her 4 y/o grandson keeps wanting to see Jesus. How can she explain this to him?

Caller Question – How can we stop committing sins we commit over and over again?

Caller Question – What is the difference between the King James bible and the Catholic bible?