Go Ask Your Father September 24th – Welcome Jacksonville FL

A huge welcome to Jacksonville FL for joining the Relevant Radio family. Starting today, Relevant Radio is now on the air in Jacksonville FL on both 1460AM and 1600AM.


Caller Question – Her daughter is getting married, but not in the Church. What should she do?

Caller Question – How are we supposed to handle people who intentionally make us upset?

Caller Question – Can catechists hold a child back a year from confirmation if they feel the child is not ready?

Caller Question – Why are we all here on Earth? Especially when there is so much suffering?

Caller Question – Luke 16:9 seems to be contradictory. Why is that?

Catechetical Corner – Character and Soul

Caller Question – If God knows what will happen to us, if I am going to hell, why would God allow me to be born?