Go Ask Your Father September 26th – Right Question, Wrong Time

How should you approach a right question at the wrong time? Many times we get asked these kinds of questions but are not ready to respond to them when asked. So what should you do? Msgr. Swetland explains how to handle these kinds of questions.


Caller Question – How should we respond to others when they ask about abuse in the Church?

Caller Comment – He gives what he can to the poor but he finds there is so much that he can’t give to everyone.

Caller Comment – She shares how she deals with the poor she sees in Chicago.

Caller Question – He gives to charities, but his wife doesn’t. What should he do?

Caller Question – If you send you kids to Catholic Schools, does that count as tithing?

Caller Question – She was told that only Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are recognized as religion, is this true?

Caller Question – What is the offertory during Mass, and why do we do it?

Catechetical Corner – The Poor.

Caller Comment – She gives money to the poor regardless of they might use it.

Caller Question – Sometimes she is late for daily Mass, is it wrong to receive communion when she is late?