Go Ask Your Father September 5th – Acts of Kindness

Which is more important, small or large acts of kindness? Maybe it doesn’t matter and all acts of kindness are important. Msgr Swetland shares with you a small act of kindness done by a child in wake of hurricane Dorian.


Caller Question – Did Moses ever see the face of God?

Caller Question – How can the saints hear us when we pray?

Caller Question – How do you deal with addictions in family?

Caller Question – Does the devil hear us when we pray out loud?

Caller Question – Is it wrong for Muslims or Hindu families to have large families?

Caller Question – Her granddaughter received communion but is not baptized. Did she do something wrong by allowing her to receive it?

Caller Question – How can I talk to a friend who believes God gave women the right to choose an abortion?

Catechetical Corner – Living Wage

Caller Question – What is the difference of “intention” between Natural Family Planning and contraception?