Habits for a Healthy Marriage

  • Hour 1 of 9-27-19
  • Dr. Gary Alexander on the number of those who are uninsured rising, and that hospitals are suing patients for not paying their medical bills. There are so many who are not healthy and they can’t afford to pay for their medical bill, so they avoid going altogether! The NY Times, NPR, and the Wall Street Journal have been reporting on this; the hospitals are garnishing wages. People have had to go without food, left with no money whatsoever. Most of the hospitals are not for profit hospitals, some with court rooms that are right next door since these cases are so common! How will this be remedied, and what about the broader health care debate? Should Obamacare be repealed and will this help people be better insured? Dr. Alexander gives his thoughts.
  • Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons on Habits for a Healthy Marriage, a new book written by him. He gives thoughts on new reports that marriage rates are down because women are turning men down for not having enough money. This shows that our culture does not understand the purpose of marriage. Drew says that way too many are yielding to the desires of the flesh; we as Catholics need to swim against the cultural tides. Marriage is meant to be a sacramental bond that cannot be undone; it should not be thought of as a way to get rich. If your marriage is on the rocks, you need to read this new book!