How physicians view parents who don’t vaccinate their kids

  • Hour 3 of 9-24-19
  • Sally Read on her new book, Annunciation. She was once a pro-choice anti-Catholic who was all about feminism and attacking the faith. Now, she sees things differently. She says that only God can cure that restlessness within us. With this world that is noisy, constant, and distracted, she explains how God can give us peace and the courage to say yes to His will.
  • Dr. John Littell on how physicians view parents who don’t vaccinate their kids. He is not anti-vaccine, but says that people need to use discernment. He says that parents should never feel forced to vaccinate their child. “Focus on the true, good, and beautiful,” he explains. Kids should not be going around and making bad decisions while abusing their sexuality. Therefore, doctors should not even have to ask if kids are sexually active, factoring into the decision to get a vaccine.