Hurricane Dorian

  • Hour 1 of 9-3-19
  • Mike Maguire, a former TV meteorologist, gives a concise update on where this hurricane is headed and how safe you are. After weekend reports that the storm was elevated to a CAT 4, many expected this to be a time bomb waiting to explode over the coasts. However, due to prayer and miraculous intervention, it appears to have subsided and has been stalling far more than people thought. How much will it get into Florida or the Carolinas? Caution, preparation, and prayer is still needed, and we will continue to update you on what happens next.
  • James Aitchison talks about the Portola 250, and Msgr. James Shae discusses the new cardinals that have been selected by Pope Francis. Msgr. explains that the pope has always been one to focus on going out to the periphery, and this has played into the decisions he made in selecting the new candidates. He also shares about University of Mary, a wonderful Catholic school that you can learn about here.