Labor, Education & Church Teaching; New Cardinals Show Church’s Missionary Vocation 9.3.19

  • Msgr. Stuart Swetland: Labor Day week, focus on the dignity of work, right to work, Church teachings about labor; new academic year, school policy issues; merits of a Catholic education, school vouchers, school choice.
  • Unions and just wage: Catholic social teaching takes the ancient truths of faith and moral law and applies them to what Pope Leo III called the “new things.” Economy is booming: what do we make of what the Church says we are to do for those who still suffer poverty?
  • Harry Potter: when; and should children read it? Preferred pronouns and the perils of ‘anything goes’ mentality. Back to school:  universities (secular and even some Catholic) promoting “reproductive health” by providing abortion pills.
  • Pope names over a dozen Archbishops to be made Cardinals, my exclusive interview with one of them.