Leading Efforts to End Abortion & Infanticide; Politics of Abortion 9.11.19

  • Obianuju ‘Uju’ Ekeocha: Global shifts in life laws; ‘colonization of ideologies’ in developing countries, where people celebrate life, women aren’t ‘empowered’ by contraception but by motherhood.
  • Building a culture of life in Africa, challenges & success in US, Canada, Europe.
  • Congressman/House Whip Steve Scalise: New House session starts with new push for Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act; ‘End Infanticide Minority Hearing’ in House of Representatives yesterday with expert witnesses; protection of human life in America should be bipartisan & unanimous.
  • “It’s simple: every newborn deserves life-saving care, including abortion survivors. That’s not revolutionary or controversial. Yet House Democrats are burying the #BornAlive Abortion Survivors Protection Act—blocking it 80 times from a vote. That’s shameful. #EndInfanticide” tweet from @SteveScalise