Life is winning!

  • Hour 1 of 9-18-19
  • Life is winning, just as VP Mike Pence said at the March for Life. The US has reached the lowest national abortion rate since Roe v Wade. Brian Gibson of the Pro Life Action League has been dedicating his life work to ending abortion, and he says it’s about time that abortion ends for good. We need to continue to convert hearts and pray they see the truth that human life begins at conception. We can credit much of the work to President Trump and his pro-life policies, as well as the work that sidewalk counselors are doing.
  • Religious freedom cases are happening all across the country. As the Supreme Court is gearing up to take cases, we must pray that our liberties are protected. Jon Scruggs talks about an Arizona Supreme Court case that ruled in favor of Christian artists. Luke Goodrich talks about some of the other cases coming down the pipeline.