New Kavanaugh Controversy, Justice on Trial; Know Faith to Spread Faith 9.17.19

  • Carrie Severino: ‘Justice on Trial’, continuing controversy around Justice Kavanaugh explained; what these ordeals mean for the future of the Supreme Court and the confirmation process; Constitution Day deserves focus.
  • The New York Times selective editing in the Kavanaugh news is now even being criticized by liberals. Seeing serial misconstruction of unfounded events in an attempt to smear a good man appointed to the Supreme Court.
  • Dr. Tim Gray: New FORMED resources for spiritual, sacramental life, personal & family life; new book club series ‘Peter: Keys to Following Jesus’; with so many leaving the Church or losing belief in the Eucharist, we have to reach the world with Christ.
  • Catholics hungry for trustworthy content; FORMED supplies the need.