Planned Parenthood harvesting aborted baby body parts

  • Hour 3 of 9-26-19
  • “Abortion stops a beating heart, unless it’s being harvested for research.” That’s the way Dr. Anne Hendershott puts it, and she explains how the evil death empire has gotten away with using babies with a beating heart for trafficking and bringing about nefarious insider trading. How has this gotten swept under the rug for so long, and what’s happening to David Daleiden who was the whistleblower? Well he is now in court for supposedly using illegal means to obtain this information. (Which he didn’t, by the way.) But Planned Parenthood has gotten away with this evil activity for far too long; let’s pray they get shut down completely soon.
  • Mayra Rodriguez was a former Planned Parenthood clinic director who was fired. She saw suspicious and wrongful behavior and when she brought it up, she was soon let go. She went to court and had to face the ‘Goliath’ that is Planned Parenthood, but she won! Whether the death mill will try to fight back remains to be seen, but she shares her story with gruesome detail of how far Planned Parenthood went to make her look like the bad person. They even planted illegal drugs on her desk when she was away!