Poll shows 60 + percent of people want Big Tech broken up

  • Hour 1 of 9-24-19
  • Do you trust Big Tech like Google or Facebook? Most don’t. More than 60 percent want Big Tech to be broken up. They influence politics and have a bias against conservatism. That also applies to traditional broadcasting outlets like ABC, NBC, and CBS. Corrine Weaver gives you her perspective on why these giant conglomerates have too much political sway.
  • Do your children take ADHD drugs at all? If they do, you will want to hear what Dr Leonard Sax has to say. New research is showing that ADHD drugs are altering children’s brains and it might be permanent. Far too many are prescribed these drugs when they don’t truly even have ADHD. Dr. Leonard Sax joins Drew to discuss the issue and takes your questions that you might have about ADHD drugs and what you can do.