Prison reform

  • Hour 3 of 9-18-19
  • Will decarceration lead to increase of crime? Rafaeal Mangual makes that case. With many Democrats like Joe Biden saying that those who have not committed violent crimes should not be jailed becoming common, some statistics might make a different argument otherwise. Studies show that some who commit drug crimes may down the road commit violent crimes. It’s a difficult and complex topic, but worth having. Caller Rick shares his experience as a prison inmate, and Cathy shares that her brother has felt unwanted so ended up back in jail.
  • Father Dwight Longenecker reports on priests being forced to break the seal of Confession in Victoria, Australia. Father explains that priests take their vow seriously and will not budge. However, the danger is that priests who are innocent will be accused by people who claim that they violated the seal. Father says people who commit child abuse wouldn’t normally go to Confession to begin with, so how does this even make sense? It is unjust and we must make our voice heard in any way we can.