Saudi/Iran conflict

  • Hour 1 of 9-16-19
  • Dan Kish on where oil prices are headed. We as Americans are so dependent on oil, for gas, law mowing, etc… On the news of the Saudi oil facility attacks, how will this affect the prices for us? As reported here, prices are now soaring. Kish has concerning remarks, and advises you fill up the tank by the end of the week.
  • Dakota Wood on the Saudi/Iran conflict. Over the weekend, a Saudi Arabia oil attack occurred, most likely instigated by Iran. The president says he is “locked and loaded” to combat Iran, and this is leading top Democrats like Mayor Pete Buttigieg to call out the president for leaving the Iran nuclear deal.
  • Eric Scheidler on how 2,200 fetal remains were found at an abortionists home. This happened in South Bend, IN, and it closely mirrors the disturbing story of Kermit Gosnell, the abortionist who stood on trial and even had a book and movie made which chronicled his evil actions. His name was Dr Ulrich Klopfer, and he died on Sept. 3rd. As the Guardian reports, he was Indiana’s most prolific abortion doctor. Please say a prayer for his soul.