Sexual Harassment in Seminaries, China & Truth, 48 Laws & Humility, Maronite News 9.24.19

  • Solid faith formation lies in service to Christ, living the Beatitudes and fidelity to the Church’s teaching. New study from CARA reports statistics related to sexual harassment in seminaries. Can we provide more prayer, encouragement and accountability?
  • Relevant Radio website is NOT blocked in China; sadly, Christianity is still censored and suppressed. Protestant churches displaying the Ten Commandments have been asked to remove/replace the 1st commandment with government propaganda.
  • Robert Greene’s, The 48 Laws of Power: Machieviellian approach to success and control. Contradictions abound in the book; surprisingly providing advice for living with humility. Real power & joy come when we allow God to be in control of our lives.
  • Father Sami Hayek celebrates 60 years as a Maronite priest. Office of Readings compliment book of Ezekiel.