The epidemic of teen suicides

  • Hour 1 of 9-20-19
  • Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons discusses the serious problem of teen suicides. A new Harvard study has found that there has been a spike. Why is this? Dr. Fitzgibbons says that far too many people don’t think they have a mission in life, so they get depressed and give up. He also cites marijuana use as a problem that is not being recognized. He wrote about the problems in drug use in his new article. He also reiterates the importance of taking their role as husbands and wives seriously so that the wider culture can come to see that marriage is meant to be permanent. Too many couples are giving up, and this does not help the problem.
  • Plastics in the ocean have become a serious issue. Do we need to limit plastic straws and our personal use of plastic? Are we disposing too much of it which is affecting our environment? Jenni Brandon joins Drew to discuss this and offers some solutions and insight. She also shares startling evidence that we are consuming plastics the size of credit cards! This is due to water being in plastic bottles and could also be due to eating too many certain types of seafood.