The ‘gay gene’ study

  • Hour 3 of 9-3-19
  • Drew asks the question of whether people are born gay. He recalls one young man who was sexually abused when he was younger, and began to shift his sexual orientation; his mom suggested that he must be gay without much information. Could it be linked to external influences then? There has been a very long lasting debate about whether there is a “gay gene.” Now, after a study recently found there is no one single gay gene, but a variety of genetic factors which can determine this, and there are many questions remaining. Dr. Gerard Nadal explains where the study came up short and how it was lacking, and shares his own thoughts about this topic. He says we can’t dispute the fact that biology might influence homosexuality.
  • Fr. Philip Bochanski from Courage talks about the Church’s position on homosexuality and why we are all called to live chaste lives. He adds that whether or not genetics are involved, we are all going to be held accountable for the choices we make and whether we properly used the will that we are given by God to make the right decisions. One woman calls in and asks for advice for a young woman who is dealing with gender dysphoria, and asks for resources. Fr. Bochanski says that there aren’t many resources just yet since transgender-ism is a new trend, but he does recommend this publication called Made This Way.