The impeachment drama continues

  • Hour 1 of 9-26-19
  • More impeachment efforts have reached full scale, and Democrats claim the president has committed illegal and impeachable offenses since he reached out to the leader of Ukraine and suggested that he look into Joe Biden’s son’s potential criminal activity. After a whistle blower spoke out, the full transcript of the conversation between President Trump and Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky have been released. Republicans have for the most part, found nothing wrong and are upset that Speaker Pelosi launched this impeachment process before even reading it herself. Was the president in the clear to do this and will he be vindicated? Dr. Daniel Mark gives his analysis.
  • James Hirsen reports startling and mind blowing evidence that Planned Parenthood has their own pseudo lobbyist or consultant in Hollywood. This person coaches Hollywood and makes sure that they portray abortion in the way they want, and they really control the narrative that is perpetuated in the industry because of this. Just look around and see how many movies present a pro-choice agenda! Even a movie like Juno which seemed to be pro-life may not have sought out to be that way. Hirsen explains.